Friday, December 17, 2010

Penny first started smiling the day after Thanksgiving!!  This smile isn't exactly what her smiles look like, but I was so happy I got this shot!  She's so adorable!
What I want to write really doesn't have much to do with this picture, but I know when I'm reading things I'm much more interested if there's a picture to distract from dull writing!  I had a realization (more like a reminder) yesterday as I was listening to the Innkeeper song from the Forgotten Carols.  If you haven't heard the songs or seen the show I HIGHLY reccomend it!  In the song there's a line that says "He never would comdemn me, I did that all on my own.  He offers his forgiveness..."  I really needed to hear this at the time.  I'm afraid that Satan has been working really hard on me ever since I began the journey of starting a family.  Perhaps it's because I was following the Lord's plan.  Anyway I was so happy that I didn't think I needed to ask Heavenly Father for much, and that led to not feeling like I needed to talk to him much.  We all know where this is headed.  My heart left my prayers more and more until (and this is where Satan comes in as well) I felt like Heavenly Father didn't want to hear from me.  I really needed to hear that line.  I had begun to paint this picture in my mind that Heavenly Father was rolling his eyes and frowned when I began to not know what to say in my prayers.  But this song brought it all back to perspective.  He may be frowning but not from disappointment.  He just misses me.  He's frowning because it breaks his heart that I had trouble confiding in him.  He loves us so much and we can ALWAYS go back to him.  It is US that has to let him in!