Friday, November 12, 2010


 On her 3 week birthday we decided to take some professional style pictures.  I must say I'm pretty satisfied with they way they turned out, we got some funny pictures that show just how much she loves her binkie!  We had to take the pictures right before she ate because she was awake, so we would give her the binkie, position her, then hurry and take it out to get a cute picture.  This was pretty successful for a few of them, but these pictures are a couple of the ones that show how amused she was with our trickery!  Below are a couple of the successful ones.  I just wish the one on the bottom wasn't so blurry!  It's such a cute kissy face!
I love how much she loves her binkie!  I know there are lots of people who frown on giving babies binkies, but it sure keeps her happy! And when baby's happy, everyone's happy!  Plus she just looks so cute with a binkie!  Ok, let's be honest, she's cute no matter what!  (No, Jeff and I aren't wrapped around each and every one of her fingers at all!)

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  1. Hey Chels! I found your blog from facebook! :) She is darling! I'm so impressed that you can take the pictures yourself! So fun!